Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Favourite (and least favourite) Spring Ad Campaigns

As a Marketing student, I prefer studying campaigns in magazines rather than what's in the textbooks. It's true, I have never actually "read" Vogue, I have always looked at the various ads instead. So these are my favourite ads from Spring 2013 and why I especially chose them... 

Ad Campaigns That I like: 

Dolce & Gabbana, because everyone wants to live La Dolce Vita...

Balenciaga, just because of their simple yet elegant designs...

Stuart Weitzman, because I got to throw in a little Kate in there...

Jean-Paul Gaultier, Just because of David Bowie...

Chloé, just because I want to own one piece one day...

Bluemarine, shows me that nature can be fun (why did I just say that?)

Phillip Klein, because I like Terry (even though he has questionable work ethics), and because of the controversial aspect.

Emilio Pucci, because the location of that photo shoot seems magical....

 The Ad Campaigns I would rather not see:

Louis Vuitton, Douchebaguettes from the 60s?

Tom Ford, again, what's with the 90s, people?

Versace... come on! The picture speaks for itself. 


  1. Love ! Did you like Bottega Veneta ? personally I loved it just because it reminds me of la belle époque in Paris !

  2. Yes, I mostly liked it because Freja Beha is in it!

  3. love the D&G ads! they are always so sensual and glamorous:)
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