Monday, January 7, 2013

Asos Madness

I still don't know the reason why I started shopping online. Is it because I am too lazy to go out and walk a few blocks to Ste-Catherine? Maybe. Is it because I enjoy receiving gifts delivered to me by mail*? Most definitely.
I discovered Asos last summer from... from other bloggers I guess. At first I thought that shopping online would be a very bad idea because of the astronomical shipping costs**. But then, I realized that it was free with Asos. Therefore, I ordered a swimsuit (had some wardrobe malfunctions but otherwise it's great), 3 dresses and two shirts that you can see below. For those of you wondering, I did not have any problem with the sizes because Asos has a good size chart on their website. 
Another great thing is that they have a very wide selection so the chances are really slim that you will run into someone who has the same clothes as you do. 
Good Shopping!

* Of course, these kind of "gifts" are the ones I make to myself! Anyways, I am still surprised every time I see a package in the mailbox (Short-short term memory of mine).

** It costs a lot because....I live in Canada, so the deliveryman has to go through a frozen tundra, fight a wolf, then a bear, canoe through the St-Lawrence river, build an igloo, survive only by drinking maple syrup and tim hortons coffee and finally confront the beaver at my door, just to get to my house. Of course, this is all done listening to Justin Bieber and Nickelback songs. Tough life being a deliveryman in this country.


  1. it is a really tough place to live!! AAhhh Canada!

  2. Wow Gab! Fantastic pieces!! I love all your dresses, especially the khaki one with the fancy straps.