Monday, January 21, 2013

100% Pure Shea Butter for Dry Winters

I discovered that trick 2 years ago when I went to Mali. I was wondering why all the women there had perfect skin. When I asked one of them, they told me their secret... it was 100% pure Shea Butter that they put on their skin. They were right, in the West (Canada, USA, Europe, etc.), we put all sorts of products on our face, without even knowing what exactly is in these products. Usually, they are made with plenty of alcohol; and alcohol makes the skin dry, even though these products are supposed to "hydrate"and "moisturize" the skin*!
Because we have very dry winters in Canada, I use 100% Shea Butter to put on the most dry areas (face and body), it helps more than this ultra-moizturizing Clinique Product, that I use for other seasons of the year. Also, you will not find that product at your Sephora, they sell it at Organic stores. So there, you read my well-kept skin secret!

* Remember what ALL the cosmetic products commercials say on tv: "for a HEALTHY- LOOKING skin". They don't want you skin to be healthy, they just want it to LOOK like it is.


  1. Hi, definately what i need in the uk at the moment, my skin gets so dry. I will investigate my local organic shop....thankyou!! xx

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