Thursday, September 13, 2012

Art Mûr Gallery

I went to this gallery to see my godmother's friend work. She is an artist who works with glass and she does wonderful pieces. Her name is Sylvie Bélanger and she is not only a great artist but also a great woman, spirited and driven. She and my aunt are two the most courageous people that I know. 

Anyways, I will stop getting emotional now and let me show you some of her work, along with the other exhibitions in this gallery.

Art Mûr Gallery, 5826, avenue St-Hubert, Montréal (Rosemont)

Sylvie Bélanger's work:

Other artists:

The Gallery:


  1. I love it too! Great post Gaby, as alwaya!

  2. I'm moving to Montreal soon...definitely adding this to my list of places to visit.